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Special Education


Educating today's students for tomorrow's world.


We will prepare every student to enter the college or career of their choice.

2018/2019 School Lunch Prices

$2.40 - High School

$2.35 - Middle School

$2.15 - Elementary

$3.85 - Adult 


Breakfast/Nutrition is free to all students

$??? - Adult Breakfast

Wellness Plan

Policy #8211


School Board Meeting


Tuesday, September 11, 2018


7:00 p.m.





2018 - 2019 Budget Summary Statement



2017-2018 Budget Summary Statement

The School District is accepting applications for Substitutes


Substitute Bus Drivers.

Bear Lake School District #33

Bear Lake School District consists of three elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, and an alternate high school.

Bear Lake School District shares a common boundary with Bear Lake County.  The southern border of the county is the State of Utah while the eastern border of the county is the State of Wyoming.  The district includes the communities (to name a few) Fish Haven, St. Charles, Paris, Montpelier, Bennington, Bern, Dingle, Geneva, and Georgetown.  Paris is the county seat while Montpelier is the largest community. The county is surrounded by mountains.

Bear Lake Valley offers the best of two worlds.  Residents live in a quiet, rural setting that is close to all the advantages of a major metropolitan area.  The community shares a strong moral conviction with a family oriented environment.

Many residents make their living in agriculture, small businesses, tourist activities, or in occupations related to the mining industry.  The community has it's own hospital and a variety of health care providers.  The residents enjoy tremendous recreational opportunities.  Bear Lake provides a beautiful setting for a variety of water sports. Fishing and hunting are very popular activities throughout the year.  There are miles of groomed trails for snowmobile enthusiasts.  Cross country skiing is popular and there are several ski lodges in the area.  

Today: 9/23/18

Chain of Command

Parents are often discouraged when they attempt to communicate with school superintendents and school board members and are sent back to the building level administrators in order to resolve a problem their child may be experiencing in school.  To prevent that frustration, parents can become informed about the 'chain of command', or where to begin the communication sequence regarding their problem or concern.


Many parent and community questions are easily and completely answered by communicating directly with the educator in charge of the class or program.  Each situation, no matter what its nature is, should first be addressed at whatever level the initial action was taken with appeals moving on to the next level on the chain of command.  The easiest way to communicate is via e-mail, and a phone call is the next preferable way.  Contact information such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers can be found on the district website.


1. On Matters Involving Instruction/Curriculum

    a. Classroom Teacher

    b. Principal

    c. Superintendent

    d. Board of Education


2. On Matters Involving Athletics

    a. Coach

    b. Athletic Director

    c. Principal

    d. Superintendent

    e. Board of Education


3.  On Matters Involving Student Discipline

    a. Classroom Teacher

    b. Principal

    c. Superintendent

    d. Board of Education


4. On Matters Involving Facilities/Grounds/Buildings

    a. Principal

    b. Supervisor of Facilities (Maintenance)

    c. Superintendent

    d. Board of Education


5. On Matters Involving Transportation

    a. Bus Driver

    b. Transportation Director

    c. Superintendent

    d. Board of Education

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