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School Board Meeting 


Tuesday, March 13, 2018


School District Office


7:00 p.m.



March 13, 2018

Plant Facilities Levy Election


Dear Community Member,


In 2007 a majority of voters asked the school board to keep all Bear Lake schools open and functional.  The voters were heard.


To fulfill the voters’ wishes and maintain the upkeep of each building, all campuses will need ongoing maintenance, repairs and improvements.  Sensitive to both district plant facility needs and the financial constraints of taxpayers, the school board and administrators are proposing to obtain the necessary funding without raising current school taxes.   Plant facility taxes will actually decrease from the current level.  The proposal before voters is basically to renew the levy that has been in place for the last two decades. This will be the same amount that voters approved in 2008. 


In answer to patron’s wishes to keep all Bear Lake schools open, we have started numerous safety and improvement projects including:

  • Middle School auditorium seating and curtain upgrade
  • New band room at the Middle School
  • Middle School bathrooms remodeled
  • High School beautification projects – multiple years
  • New bleachers at multiple schools
  • Metal storage facility for the Ag. Class
  • Carpet in multiple schools
  • Safety railings outside at the High School
  • Lighting upgrades at every school


Part of the funding for those projects came from the ten-year plant facilities levy passed in 2008.  Additionally, a supplemental levy was passed last year to keep current personnel and programs. 


The board and administration are proposing this levy to assure that our school facilities are adequately maintained, and our school children and employees have a safe and comfortable learning environment.  We urge you to go to the polls on March 13, 2018.



Bear Lake District #33 School Board and Administrative Staff


Examples of proposed maintenance items and improvements include:

  1. Scheduled purchase of replacement buses
  2. Roof repairs at multiple schools
  3. Storage facilities at multiple schools
  4. Copy machine purchases
  5. Remodel high school locker rooms
  6. Football field overhaul, including resurfacing the track at the High School
  7. Remodel front entry-way at the high school
  8. Scheduled maintenance, repair and replacement of sidewalks and floor coverings at all schools
  9. Prevent/minimize problems and address code compliance, safety, and other needs as necessary through maintenance, repair and renovation.
  10. Multiple pavement projects.


Facilities Levy Q and A


What will the levy cost you?

In 2008 (when the current plant facilities levy passed) it cost $79.91 per $100K of taxable value.  In 2008 there was $500,553,977 of taxable value in the county.

Currently, (2018) there is $861,467,243 of taxable value in the county.  This has effectively reduced the cost of the levy to $46.43 per $100K of taxable value (a 42% decrease).  That tax rate is .000464324 (just move the decimal over 5 places)

If you receive the home owner’s exemption, your taxes are greatly reduced.  Here is an example:

A home with an assessed value of $100,000 that qualifies for the home owner’s exemption, is able to reduce their taxable rate by 50%.  Therefore, the taxable rate would only be $50k, which amounts to $23.22 per year for the new plant facilities levy ($50,000 x .000464324). 


How long will the levy last? The proposed levy will last ten (10) years.


What part of my property tax goes to support school facilities?

Without the passage of the plant facilities levy, a very small portion to no taxes would go toward the upgrade, repair, and maintenance of school facilities.  This is why this levy is so important.  In many cases this levy would cost Bear Lake homeowners less than their yearly garbage assessment.


What was completed with the last levy?

[Partial list]  Roof repairs and replacements, High School gym bleachers on the north end, floor covering replacements, replaced the auditorium seating at the Middle School, landscaping, electrical upgrades, bathrooms remodeled, sidewalk repair/replacement, and buses purchased on a yearly basis.  A complete list may be obtained from the School District Office in Paris, Idaho.


Why spend money to fix up schools that were recommended for closure?

As the years pass, we constantly need to upgrade and improve our school facilities.  Without the funds provided by plant facility levies in the past we would not have been able to do numerous projects, safety upgrades, and necessary renovations to our schools.  As a district, we have a responsibility to maintain a safe and comfortable learning environment for our students, teachers, and staff.  Your support in previous levies is very much appreciated.  These funds have been maximized to their fullest extent.  We hope that you will make the time on March 13th to get out and vote.


Who can I contact with questions?

School Board Members         

                        Paul Alleman              208-540-4737

                        Bill Pettis                    208-945-0959

                        Angie Grunig              208-241-8547

                        Brandi Hardcastle       208-339-2998

                        Kolby Romrell            208-776-0444

District Office Staff                          

                        Gary Brogan, Superintendent       208-945-2891

Polling date and time:             
Tuesday, March 13, 2018         8:00 a.m. – 8:00 pm


Precincts            Polling Locations

Montpelier #1 & Bennington  –

        Allred Center;

Montpelier #2 & Dingle 

       Grace Thiel Community Center

Montpelier #3  -

          Montpelier Fire Station;


        Georgetown City Hall;

Paris and Bloomington  –

         Paris Tabernacle Annex;

St. Charles & Fish Haven –

         St. Charles City Hall;

Bern, Geneva, Pegram,

Liberty, and Ovid -

           Mail Ballot precincts.


Absentee ballots are available at the County Clerk’s Office, 7 East Center, Paris, Idaho, or 208-945-2212 extension ‘5’, fax 208-945-2248, email – bearlakeclerks@bearlakecounty.id.gov or go online to the Secretary of State website.










Bear Lake School District is seeking your input concerning the "Continuous Improvement  Plan".

Please submit your comments to mbunn@blsd.net by January 10, 2018.




2017-2018 Budget Summary Statement

The School District is accepting applications for Substitutes


Substitute Bus Drivers.

Bear Lake School District #33

Bear Lake School District consists of three elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, and an alternate high school.

Bear Lake School District shares a common boundary with Bear Lake County.  The southern border of the county is the State of Utah while the eastern border of the county is the State of Wyoming.  The district includes the communities (to name a few) Fish Haven, St. Charles, Paris, Montpelier, Bennington, Bern, Dingle, Geneva, and Georgetown.  Paris is the county seat while Montpelier is the largest community. The county is surrounded by mountains.

Bear Lake Valley offers the best of two worlds.  Residents live in a quiet, rural setting that is close to all the advantages of a major metropolitan area.  The community shares a strong moral conviction with a family oriented environment.

Many residents make their living in agriculture, small businesses, tourist activities, or in occupations related to the mining industry.  The community has it's own hospital and a variety of health care providers.  The residents enjoy tremendous recreational opportunities.  Bear Lake provides a beautiful setting for a variety of water sports. Fishing and hunting are very popular activities throughout the year.  There are miles of groomed trails for snowmobile enthusiasts.  Cross country skiing is popular and there are several ski lodges in the area.